Numerous studies have confirmed there are more than 64,000 Long Islanders seeking food assistance every week. In Bay Shore alone, where many Fire Islander depart the mainland en route to Fire Island, The Hospitality Center serves almost 100 meals per day to children and adults in desperate need of nutritious food.

The Fire Island Fifty Fifty’s mission is to produce great events and deliver all the fun and fashionable “good news” Fire Islanders really want while palatably advocating for the poor and malnourished.

As such, fifty percent ($25) of every membership sale and event registration fee will go towards food supply purchases delivered directly to this long-running, vitally important local organization.   See our Progress!

In the event The Fire Island Fifty Fifty is able to meet the needs of The Hospitality Center, remaining funds will be used to supply foodstuffs and prepared meals to the Harry Chapin Food Bank (aka Long Island Cares) and other food-based charities such as Feeding America.